Web Technologies

Nearly all of today's technology applications have a web component. TechApplication has developed a portfolio of solutions and skills that help clients leverage the new opportunities of the internet.

Although we have built and support several enterprise-scale web sites, we are not your typical web design company - nor is that our intent. We do provide full turn-key services. We also provide embedded components, or simply guidance, strategy and implementation supervision that can be incorporated within your existing supplier structure. We act as your in-house technology experts. We guide, monitor and represent your interests.

Some examples of components include:

Online Fund Raising

Sophisticated mechanisms with many options, application of funds, multiple campaigns, donations types, payment portal integration, customizable donation feedback & communication, donor tracking and reporting. TechApplication can guide or build a fundraising component for your program.

Mobile Apps

smartphone apps
Some web capabilities are best packaged as simple mobile apps. TechApplication can guide you or we can design, create, maintain and publish your solution delivering Apple, Android, Windows Mobile and HTML5 versions.

Analytics interpretation

analytics exampleGoogle's incredibly sophisticated data array for website analytics is free - for the price of sharing your data with them. These data provide invaluable insight into all facets of your outreach as you directly track marketing, communication and advertising activities via your website. However, without the interpretation and analysis, the analytics provide limited value and benefit. TechApplication can help you define what key data will offer the understanding you need. In the example above, this standard traffic summary speaks volumes about the concept being presented on this website. Our interpretation is provided. Can you see the basis of our conclusions?

Competitions and contests

Design Competition Today, web driven competitions and contests provide exciting new opportunities for all manner of interactive outreach. What was once unimaginable for a mid size enterprise can now become a slick, international, effective competition and promotion. TechApplication can guide you through the technologies, implementation, tracking and management. This includes guiding you through the proper legal and accounting parameters.

Online Learning

Online LearningThe web can deliver media-rich educational materials that includes videos, audio, games, timelines and many other interactive functions. TechApplication is not a content matter expert, but we can help you integrate the various formats and elements into one functional web platform with or without monetization components.

Short lifespan promotional web sites

One-Page short life site

Rapidly developed, one-page websites for special applications, promotions, PR response or events can act as a powerful "center of gravity" for any number of programs. TechApplication can craft and deliver a rapidly deployable solution for many specialty applications. We respond quickly to provide a working system as circumstances, events and opportunities dictate.

Collections and Resource Libraries

online manuals 500

All organizations and enterprises are building large libraries of resources. To leverage these you need to organize them and make them available to constituencies both in-house and public. These resource libraries might be video, documents or references. TechApplication can help you map a strategy for your information outreach, helping you craft an infrastructure that can be maintained in-house or via contract.

...and many More. Talk to us about your challenges.