Online TV Channels

Television and video consumption is turning to live streaming, threatening to supplant the traditional programming distribution through broadcast, cable and satellite. Technology now offers entrepreneurs, industry, government and special interest group the ability to create their own television channels affordably. How do you create a ROKU or Apple TV channel? What about YouTube and Vimeo? Which is best? What are the differences? What resources do you need? What are the costs?. Techapplication can guide you through the process, get you set up or create and operate your channel for you.

Sample Streaming TV channels

wedding webcastTVWedding Webcast was created to support wedding videography and live streaming to family members that could not make the wedding.

zotv wideZoneOutTV is primarily a ROKU commercial streaming TV channel. It is monetized through subscription and commercials.

ww1 tvWW1-TV is the video aggregator for the US World War 1 Centennial Commission. It is a support element for a website.

Analytic impact

vimeo statsEven narrow cast and specialty Online TV channels can have substantial audiences while enjoying a global reach at no additional investment.

roku 99ksubscriptionsThis channel, launched on ROKU in early 2013 has enjoyed constant growth, with nearly 100,000 installs. It generates income from subscription and advertising display.