Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SSM (Social Media Marketing) is an adjunct to your Social Media Strategy.
If you do not have an advertising agency skilled in this, TechApplication can guide you through the fundamentals of applying small ad budgets on Google, Facebook and Twitter. These are incredibly powerful platforms for creating surprisingly effective campaigns that drive business and brand exposure - especially if your strategy involves using video.

A couple of examples of successful small budget campaigns

Example #1: Online Video Channel Campaign for a new episode release

Social Media Marketing campaign

In this campaign, a $15 budget generated 10,000+ plays of the video ad, resulting in 100+ link clicks to the product website.
Each penny spent resulted in over 6.5 commercial viewing... and a cost of only 15 cents for each customer who actively clicked over to the website.
It took many months of fine tuning the right message to the right audience, but these are very powerful results.

Google Adwords campaign for a 501c(3) non profit organization

Google Adwords Campaign

As a 501c(3) non-profit organization, you may qualify for an ad grant from Google.
TechApplication can help you apply to get that grant, which then provides you with a very nice budget to use Google Adwords to drive constituents to your cause.

The campaign pictured above shows it in an early stage of fine tuning the message with the audience. As you can see, as you iterate through this tuning, and campaign is refined, it can grow into solid exposure and click-throughs to the sponsoring program.