Usability Testing


You will reap massive returns for a neglibible investment. TechApplication will set you up and train you to do your own usability testing or we can contract to do the testing for you.

Old School Usability Testing

Old school usability testing Lab There was a time when only software designers and game developers needed to do usability studies. As recently as 10 years ago, companies were spending $200,000+ to put together usability testing labs. Then it also took a staff to operate and maintain the facilities.

Contemporary Usability Testing

usability AlastairSession Today, every enterprise large and small has a significant public facing user interface called a web site.
Fortunately the barrier to entry for doing usability testing has functionally evaporated. All you need are a couple of laptops, some commodity software, and a bit of training. Now, the biggest hurdle is finding the will and the courage to do it.
The subject can be located anywhere with a decent internet connection. The facilitator can be in the same room or across the planet while the observers can join remotely or review recordings (streaming on demand)..