We Address Three Technology Challenges



What are the implications of new technologies, services or social media coming into play?
What is their relevance and value to your organization or enterprise?
Do they serve your mission or do you need to serve the technology because it is becoming prominent?

TechApplication will assist you in monitoring and addressing these questions with logical and progressive evaluation, analysis, insight and alternatives.


How do you apply the new technology for achieving your goals?
What variants do you consider?
Do you need a vendor or integrator in acquisition or can you self-implement?
How do you formulate the Request for Information (RFI) or Request for Proposal (RFP) so that vendor responses are meaningful and comparable? 

TechApplication will work with both your strategic leadership, and your purchasing team to make sure that your acquisition plan of the new technology request is framed and presented functionally and appropriately. We do not vend any technology. We work for you, the acquirer to make sure you get the solution and the best deal possible.


It is easier to acquire new technology, than it is to make it successful within your enterprise.
It needs to be integrated with existing infrastructure.
If it is software, it needs to be installed.
If it is a service, administration, accounts and access need to be set up.
If it is hardware, it needs to be configured.
And before one can address training, you need to asses how the technology integrates with your organization's existing workflow and work culture.

TechApplication will work with you to integrate the new capabilites into operational systems.


servicesWe don't just consult. We translate application into client supportive deliverables that include:

Web Tech

Media-rich Web sites, mobile apps and web machines
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Web Conferencing

Streaming media outreach, from simple to international events
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Social Media Marketing

SMM opportunity, strategies and implementation
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E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce solutions, strategies and implementation
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Online TV Channels

ROKU, Youtube, Vimeo channels, corporate & monetized
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Digital Production

Media production, from motion graphics to location
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Usability Testing

Low cost, incredibly powerful analysis of sites and software
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Outreach & Inreach

Digital connection, marketing communications, methods
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Our simple ambition is to produce great projects with great people.

Theo Mayer - President/Founder

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A unique resource to help navigate a world of constant technological change.

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    Theo Mayer, principal and founder of TechApplication.com, LLC, is acknowledged as a unique expert in the implementation of new technologies into applications that serve vertical market needs and opportunities.

    After 35 years of founding and running traditional brick-and-mortar companies, he created TechApplication as a 21st century virtual organization. Using the same technologies it provides, TechApplication teams with "the best and the brightest" resources througout the US, EC and Asia. Guided by Mr. Mayer, this combined global technology prowess and application experience successfully delivers TechApplication's unique problem solving and tech "creations" to both government and private sector clients.

    TechApplication.com, LLC is a California Limited Liability Company established in 2008.

    The company is located in Ventura County. The mailing address is:
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    Suite B-131
    Ventura, CA 93001


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